How Maximizing IBM i Output Can Help Save Your Computer Operator Job

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describe the imageThe days of in-house computer operators who solely monitor greens screens and equipment are numbered. The IT infrastructure world is changing. Those that adapt their mindset and skills will be the survivors. Here are 4 reasons to build your employee value by maximizing IBM Power System output.

1. IT is trending to put less focus on equipment, and more focus on core business.

Information Technology is playing an important part at the boardroom table because of the explosion of data. For many companies, maintaining the equipment and personnel necessary to support the big data explosion is no longer cost effective or best serves core business goals.

As companies move to the cloud in increasing numbers, a key driver is to re-focus IT on activities that will manage and grow the business. This means that IT employees who are contributing to overall company goals by improving workflow and operations put themselves in a better position to move forward.

2. Workflow Anxiety

Key departments like Finance, Marketing, and Sales are under increasing pressure to format and distribute customer communications, internal communications, reporting, and key statistics quickly and efficiently. Automation software organizes regular reporting and distribution activities in a way that improves workflow and decreases cost. Here are some examples:

  • Finance

CFOs are under pressure to produce meaningful insights about cash flow and forecasting. Report software can be programmed to pull key data into reports on a scheduled basis. Accounting is under pressure to invoice customers and pay vendors with maximum efficiency. Payroll expenses can be greatly reduced by laser check software. Forms software can automate emails triggered by customer behavior, such as past due notices.

  • Marketing

Marketing departments now have the tools to track customer website behavior and provide insights that can drive sales. But those insights have to be extracted from the vast amount of data contained in IBM Power Systems. By using spool file and report software to schedule jobs, computer operators offer the Marketing department a way to efficiently and economically mine critical data and format it into reports.

  • Sales

Sales managers need to be more nimble than ever to stay competitive. By maximizing and automating output with spool file and report software, computer operators can help get critical sales numbers into the hands of managers and the sales force without a page being printed. Here is a case study that shows the value of speed in getting sales data delivered to sales reps.

3. IT Online 24/7

IT used to be able to shut down over the weekend for back-up or to perform maintenance. Most companies no longer have that luxury since the Internet has created a global economy that never sleeps. The cost of having operations shut down because of malfunction or errors can kill a budget and alienate customers, not to mention impede daily workflow. Message monitoring software provides IT managers and computer operators with an immediate heads up that power is out, server is at capacity, a job is eating up too much valuable processing and/or printing time, and much more. It’s another way IT can make a difference in focusing on keeping core business as a top priority.

4.  Mobile, BYOD, and Video

IT departments now have the added responsibility to enhance infrastructure to support BYOD
, mobile, and video. By maximizing IBM Power System output with automation software: scheduling critical reports, shaking off time-consuming print jobs, and monitoring output for critical message errors that disrupt workflow, then valuable IT resources can be allocated to prepare for and manage the huge tidal wave of change happening to information technology.

Smart computer operators will stay ahead of the tidal wave by building skills and offering strategies that help their companies advance productivity and sales.


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