Spool File Conversion & Distribution

It can be painful to convert spool files from the IBM i, iSeries or AS400 to user friendly reports such as PDF and Excel without the right tools. Paperless Report Conversion software like SpoolFlex automates the process to convert spool files and deliver them directly to the people that need them.

Convert Spool Files to Excel

Manually downloading and importing IBM spool files into Excel can be a headache. It involves cutting and pasting just to get the data into a readable format. There’s a lot of potential for error and a lot of time being wasted.

Paperless Report Conversion with DRV’s SpoolFlex software formats spooled files into perfectly formatted true Excel spreadsheets for automated, gs-to-excel1repeatable results. Add color highlighting for better readability and personalize with company logo. Include or exclude columns or headings to eliminate the pain of manual formatting.

Convert Spool Files to PDF

Manually scanning reports and documents is a thing of the past with Paperless Report Conversion. SpoolFlex lets you convert spool files to PDF easily, with dynamic naming, emailing and archiving without programming.

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Formatting options like color highlighting, adding company logo, bookmarking, including or excluding lines or pages, and more give you the versatility that never existed with paper hard copy.

Automated Email Distribution

SpoolFlex Paperless Report Distribution automatically burst reports and emails to them to the people that need them, in the formats they want, in real time. Integrated archiving means reports can be stored digitally for easy searching, viewing and re-sending as needed.

Why Use Software for Paperless Report Distribution?

Many programmers could build a Paperless Report Distribution from scratch using IBM utilities, but why bother investing the time and resources? There are inexpensive, off-the-shelf solutions like SpoolFlex that are well supported and pay for themselves in less than three months.

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Seamless Integration with any ERP, WMS, or Core Application, including:

  • Infor XA
  • Infor LX
  • Infor A+
  • Infor System21
  • Infor PRMS
  • Infor Infinium
  • Infor Lawson
  • Infor PKMS
  • JD Edwards
  • Friedman
  • CAMS/400
  • CIMS
  • HarrisData
  • FIS
  • Turille & Associates
  • VAI System 2000
  • Sungard PS (HTE)
  • Jack Henry CIF 20/20
  • Jack henry Sliverlake
  • LMS
  • MedSeries4
  • McKesson
  • Metalware
  • HMS
  • Retalix
  • TMW (TL2000)
  • UFS
  • ABS
  • CMS
  • and many more