Enhance the check printing process for IBM i, iSeries, AS400 | FormFlex Check | drv tech


Pre-printed checks are not only expensive, but processing and distributing them is a costly and potentially opens your company to check fraud. Electronic MICR Laser Check printing can print to blank secure check stock on laser printers with MICR toner.

Whether you want to do it yourself, or use DRV turnkey services, FormFlex Secure Checks software lets you design any kind of check to merge with your data natively on the IBM i, to sign and print to inexpensive network laser printers without any additional proprietary hardware components that can break.  The software is password protected and signatures encrypted for security built right into the software to satisfy division of duties and the auditors.


FormFlex Secure MICR Laser Check Printing Software:

  • Create Checkbooks in a Secure Password Protected Environment Natively on the IBM i
  • Secure All Functions of the Software By Profile to Restrict Access to Authorized Users Only
  • Print Checks with Lines, Boxes, Logos, MICR Line, Signatures, Barcodes and Mapped Data
  • Print to Inexpensive Network Printers with MICR Toner– No Need for MICR Enhanced Printers
  • Signatures Can Be Encrypted Enabling Additional Password Protection for Added Security
  • Conditional Logic Means Secure Checks Prints One, Two or No Signatures Based on Variable Data
  • Check Register Tracks Each Check by Check Number, Payee, Who Printed It, Amount, and more


Additional Modules for FormFlex:

  • PCL2PDF Output Lets You Print PDF Copies for Archiving
  • Advanced Form Distribution Lets you Set Up Rules for Paperless PDF Delivery by Email 


Flat priced for unlimited users, unlimited checks, unlimited printers, FormFlex secure checks offers robust a premium IBM i MICR Laser Check printing system that will streamline secure your checks management, while securing the process against potential fraud.

No more check signing equipment, inventory of multiple check stock or even voiding checks due to misfeeds, Secure Checks will easily pay for itself with a fast ROI. DRV offers turnkey services to design your check, digitize your signatures and logos and get you up and running by your go live date.