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DRV Updates IBMi Monitoring…SEQUEL Gains Better Integration With MS Excel…Unit4 Coda Gets New Name in Refresh

August 19, 2015

DRV Technologies is now shipping a new version of MessageFlex, its monitoring and notification software for IBM i.

MessageFlex is a message automation solution that monitors IBM i message and job queues and filters items according to type, content, or severity. Depending on the message, the tool will automatically respond to the message or escalate it to human administrators via texts, emails, or mobile apps.

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DRV Unveils Fresh New Mobile Apps for Message Management

August 19, 2014

DRV Technologies recently unveiled new mobile apps that allow administrators to view and respond to IBM i messages and jobs from the comfort of their iOS or Android mobile devices. The apps were unveiled as part of a major update to DRV’s FlexTool suite.

In July, DRV unveiled FlexTool version 6, which includes new releases of the SpoolFlex, FormFlex, Secure Checks, DBXFlex (formerly DataFlex), and MessageFlex components.

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DRVTech Delivers Report Writer with FlexTools V5

May 15, 2012

IBM i shops that use DRV Technologies’ FlexTools software to manage their spool files now have the option to use the new DataFlex component to generate reports from their data. The new report writer, which was unveiled as part of FlexTools version 5 at last week’s COMMON conference in Anaheim, California, creates reports from DB2/400 files and outputs them in several formats.

DataFlex offers IBM i shops another way to query their DB2/400 data and generate basic reports from that data. The product enables users to join multiple database files, select data by record range, and specify field selection, DRV says. The output can be generated as electronic PDF, Excel, or CSV documents, or sent directly to the printer. It can also be emailed directly from the IBM i server.

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