FormFlex – AS400 Forms Software (IBM i, iSeries)

FormFlex is AS400 Forms software that merges IBM i, iSeries and AS400 spooled file data with a graphical form overlay (Not AFP) to create electronic forms. FormFlex works with most any HP Laser or compatible printer.

FormFlex lets you design any kind of form to merge with your data natively on the IBM i or iSeries or AS400, to print, distribute and archive.  The software is modular so you can customize an electronic forms solution to your unique application and budget.

FormFlex Features:

  • Create Electronic Forms with Lines, Boxes, Logos, Signatures, Barcodes and Mapped Data
  • Print to Inexpensive Network Printers: No IPDS, No AFP, No Postscript Needed.
  • Supports USPS Intelligent Barcode, 3 of 9, Code 128, , PDF417 and QR Codes and More
  • Pull Data From a Database File to Populate a Form with Data Not in the Spooled File
  • Duplex Printing to Print on Front and Back of the Form to Save Paper or Print Terms and Conditions
  • Form In a Form Enables Dynamic Form Collating Based On Variables in the Spooled File
  • Conditional Logic Allows for Dynamic Forms Printing Different Objects Depending on Spool Data

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Automate FormFlex with the Advanced Form Processing Utilities:

  • Set Up Distribution Rules for Efficient Document Delivery to Print, Email, E-Fax, and Archive in a single run
  • Automatically Archive Text Searchable PDFs to the IFS, Shared Folders, or to Network File Servers
  • Burst Multiple Form Run into Individual PDFs for Email and Archiving
  • Pull Email Addresses from FormFlex Address Books, Spooled Page, or Customer Database File
  • Automate with Built-in Job Scheduler, Data Queue, or Embed API’s in Your Programs

Additional Modules for FormFlex:

  • PDFDirect Prints Forms Directly to Print PDF for Emailing and Archiving for faster processing and smaller files
  • Advanced Form Distribution Lets you Set Up Rules for Paperless Delivery by Email
  • E2Fax Interface Lets You Fax Through the Internet – No Hardware or Fax Line Needed
  • Database Access Module Allows Merging with Database File Instead of Spooled File
  • Audit Trail Lets You Review Distributions to Search, View and Resend Archived Documents
  • Advanced Security Enables Encryption /Password Protection of PDF’s and Locks Down Menus
  • SecureChex MICR Laser Check Printing Software


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FormFlex is flat priced for unlimited users, unlimited forms, and unlimited printers. The modular architecture allows you to select just the components you need for your unique requirements, providing a strong ROI that will pay for itself many times over.
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Integrates Seamlessly with Any IBM i, iSeries, or AS400 ERP Software Application Including:

Customer Quote:
“This Auto-Distribution project (Electronic Invoicing), and it’s implementation using FlexTools has been one of the smoothest, most successful implementations we have ever undertaken at Americold.
We fully expect to save Americold $750,000 on an annual basis with this initiative. Many thanks to you and the entire DRV Tech staff for helping us to make this possible.”
Divisional IT Mgr., Americold Logistic