Database query report writer for IBMi, iSeries, and AS400 | DBXFlex | drv tech

Create Reports Exactly As You Need Them with DBXFlex

Report writing is not new, but traditionally, solutions are complicated, hard to use, and expensive. In the old days, a programmer could just whip up a new report whenever additional information was needed, but that is also a costly proposition.

DBXFlex is an easy to use alternative. This query tool / report writer for the Power i lets you create your own custom reports, extracting data from your IBM database files directly to spreadsheets and PDF.


DBXFlex Features:

  • Intuitive menu-driven software is easy to use and well supported – No programming needed
  • Extract from a single database file, or link multiple IBM i database files for
  • Select data by record range, and extract the fields you want
  • Use wildcards to quickly extract an entire database file to the digital format you want
  • Extract reports directly to spreadsheets and PDF
  • Save report templates and automate recurring custom reports with built in scheduler

Flat priced for unlimited users, DBXFlex offers an easy to use alternative to expensive, complicated or obsolete report writers for the IBM Power I.