AFP Utilities Replacement

IBM has dropped support for AFP Utilities

As of the release of IBM i OS V7.2 IBM no longer supports the AFP Utilities licensed program.

“The IBM i 7.3 Memo to Users states that at IBM® Advanced Function Printing Utilities (5770AF1) is no longer supported.”

AFP Replacement

FormFlex replaces AFP overlays with state of the art electronic forms solution that merges data with electronic forms natively on your IBM system to print to inexpensive network laser printers, and PDF for seamless emailing and archiving. No expensive IPDS printers and it is well supported.

Many companies have solutions in place set up by employees that no longer work there! FormFlex implementation requires no programming, so even if resources set it up and leave the organization, you have experts at DRV to call on if you need to make changes. Oh, and it is well supported.

Looking for the easiest way to convert your AFP overlays to a well-supported forms solution? Ask about DRV’s Competitive Upgrade Program that provides substantial incentives and turnkey solutions to convert your AFP overlays to FormFlex for you to make the switch with minimal effort.

If you are not currently using AFP Utilities or have another forms solution that is expensive or has poor support, we would like to show you how easy FormFlex is.

FormFlex runs 100% on IBM Systems AS400, iSeries and Power Systems (Power5, Power6, Power7, Power8, Power9 and Power10)
FormFlex does not use and PC Servers.