Database query report writer for IBMi, iSeries, and AS400 | DBXFlex | drv tech

Create Reports Exactly As You Need Them with DBXFlex

Take control of report writing and get critical data to users immediately with DBXFlex, our IBM i, i Series and AS400 database output management software that gives you the power to:

  • Analyze
  • Select
  • Format
  • Extract

Data from multiple database files and output directly to user-friendly formats including, Excel, PDF or CSV.  Distribution is quick, effortless and transparent… users.

Join multiple database files, specify records and field selection, add calculations, color, and select PDF, Excel or CSV output type — no programming required.

Create and Write Reports to Your Exact Specifications

DBXFlex’s modular architecture allows you to customize solutions to meet your specific needs by adding additional modules for greater functionality.  Our Advanced Utilities module gives you even more power and control over creating and distributing time-sensitive reports, allowing you to:

  • Automate conversion and distribution with the Sentry job scheduler
  • Access email addresses from included address book or customer database files
  • Burst output dynamically based on database field values
  • Set up automated distribution to immediately deliver critical data to users that need it

Easily implemented, affordable and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee