MessageFlex | 24/7 automated message alerts for IBM i, i Series, AS400 | drv tech

Avert Disaster and Gain Peace of Mind with MessageFlex

The IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400) does a great job telling you how the system is performing if you have the time and resources to monitor it but how can the system alert you if you are not at a console?

MessageFlex is your extra set of virtual eyes that never sleep, doesn’t take vacation, and keeps a lookout for you 24 hours a day!



MessageFlex System Monitoring Highlights:

  • Monitor Any Number of Message Queues for Messages
  • Screen Messages by Message ID, Text, Message Type, or Severity
  • Monitor Job Queues to Alert You if Jobs are Backed Up
  • Verify Subsystems Status to Notify You if They Are Running Or Not
  • Keep an Eye on Specific Jobs to Ensure They Run or Are Running Too Long
  • Monitor System Resources to Let You know if Disk Space is Running Low
  • Instant Notification by Email or Text to Your Phone


Flat priced for unlimited users, MessageFlex offers an easy to use IBM i system monitoring that provides around the clock control to ensure your system is running optimally.