The go-to software solutions provider for the IBM Power Systems marketplace

DRV Tech provides thousands of clients in a wide variety of industries, flexible solutions that solve business challenges, optimize operations, increase workplace productivity and reduce operating costs.  And we’ve been doing it for over 20 years with an impressive success rate just under 100%.

Unique Pricing Structure

Our unique pricing structure, based on modular architecture, sets us apart from our competition, as does our superior technical support team.  Call our Atlanta headquarters, and you get a highly qualified team member ready to immediately address any concern, question or problem you have.  You also get peace of mind; knowing you are speaking with an expert with years of IBM i, iSeries and AS400 knowledge under their belt.

Our Number One Priority

Your success is our number one priority and we stand behind all of our solutions with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Whatever efficiencies you’re looking for—emailing reports as Excel, PDF or CSV, printing laser checks, archiving forms, re-formatting your Power Systems’ output, querying your database, receiving 24/7 system message alerts—you can trust our team for solutions that get the job done seamlessly, professionally and cost effectively.