DRV Tech Releases v.5.0 of FlexTool Solutions Suite

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DRV Technologies Releases V.5.0 of the DRV FlexTool Solutions Suite

Atlanta, GA July 2, 2012 – DRV Technologies, Inc., the developer of FlexTools report management, electronic forms and MICR laser-checks software, as well as system monitoring to help automate system management for the IBM i, , iSeries, and AS/400, has announced the release of FlexTools V5.0 which is the DRV suite of solutions including SpoolFlex, FormFlex, Secure Checks, MessageFlex and now DBXFlex.


What are DRV FlexTools native IBM i solutions?

• SpoolFlex electronic report conversion, distribution and archiving

• FormFlex electronic forms printing, email distribution and archiving, & secure MICR laser check printing

• MessageFlex monitors message queues providing instant notification of system status by email and text message

• NEW: DBXFlex report writer extracts data from IBM i database files and outputs to PDF, Excel, CSV and more

Many organizations are looking for ways to reduce paper waste and make processing reports and documents more efficient. With leaner staffs, an extra set of automated eyes monitoring system and program messages is a must. The need for an inexpensive alternative to convoluted IBM i report writers has existed for years. FlexTools offers all of these in modular software solutions that are economically priced and easy to deploy.

According to DRV President Richard Voss, “…the new enhancements contained in the release of FlexTools V5.0 are designed to make the existing software even easier to use, add new functionality, and add more automation, the majority of which was requested by our customer base looking to further improve their report and document management.”

FlexTools V5.0 added features include:

  • SpoolFlex Report Management:
    • Advanced Excel formatting options to analyze reports with comparative highlighting
    • Ability to output a report to HTML formatting and embed in the body of an email distribution
    • Maintain database of output templates making it practical to create unique libraries for individual ERP solutions.
    • Descriptions added to sequences in report distributions and job scheduler to make maintenance and troubleshooting even easier
    • Enhanced indexing capabilities of Audit Trail module for document management
    • Enhanced help menus for easy, quick reference to available options
    • Added view options to provide more information about definitions, (for example who last ran it and when).
  • FormFlex Forms and MICR Laser Check Management:
    • Added barcode support for GS1-128, EAN-8, EAN-13, USPSIM, PDF417 as well as formatting options to rotate and control human readability
    • Added form within a form feature to create complex form sets to allow companies with obsolete or sunsetted form solutions in order to migrate to a supported native IBM product
    • Added ability to suspend objects in a form and add comments to better manage objects
    • Added API’s for those who wish to run check merge from custom CL programs
    • Added ability to pull transit and bank account information from spooled file in a check merge
  • MessageFlex System Notification
    • Added ability to filter messages by ID, message type and severity
    • Added document attachments to notifications, such as “how to” information to answer messages
  • DBXFlex Report Writer / Query Tool
    • Introduces ability to extract data from IBM i database files and output reports directly to Excel, PDF and more
  • FlexTools Solution Suite:
    • Enhanced logical operands to all solutions used for conditioning and data selection


About DRV Technologies, Inc.
DRV Technologies, Inc. is an IBM Business Partner providing software solutions for the IBM i, , iSeries, and AS/400. DRV Technologies’ solutions are installed around the globe in a variety of vertical markets such as banking, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, distribution and other financial service industries. DRV Technologies is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, with direct sales throughout North America. For more information, please visit www.drvtech.com , call 678 417-1521 or email info@drvtech.com.


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