MessageFlex | 24/7 automated message alerts for IBM i, i Series, AS400 | drv tech

Avert Disaster and Gain Peace of Mind with MessageFlex

Rest easy that your IBM i, iSeries, AS400 is running smoothly when you go home at night.  When you are at your console, it tells you how it is performing.  But what happens if the tape drive fails overnight and you don’t find out until morning when reports need to go out?

MessageFlex, our 24/7 system notification and monitoring software, allows you the freedom to be away from your console with total confidence by:

  • Sending system and program messages to you instantaneously via email, text message or instant messaging
  • Providing you real time, 24/7 control of your system wherever you are
  • Allowing you to find program bugs before your users do
  • Notifying you of pending issues such as a failed tape drive
  • Attaching documents to email such as “How To” documents to solve problems

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