IBM i Monitoring Software

Avert Disaster and Gain Peace of Mind with MessageFlex

Rest easy that your IBM i, iSeries, AS400 is being monitored 24/7 for error messages, warnings, long running job, Message Wait (MSGW), subsystem not active, System Resource approaching dangerous level and much more. Wouldn’t you like the assurance that if anything goes wrong you will be notified immediately rather then when you get to the office or start getting phone calls from irate users or worse have a message your boss wants to see you as soon as you get in. Nobody can sit at a monitor and continuously monitor for all type of possible issues that may come up.

MessageFlex, our 24/7 system, job, subsystem, message monitoring software, allows you the freedom to be away from your console with total confidence by.

Just a SMALL sample of some of the messages you should monitor for proactively rather than when it’s too late:

  • CPI099B Critical storage condition exists.
  • CPF0996 Storage usage reached critical point and must be reduced.
  • CPP8982 *Attention*  A critical DASD problem has occurred.
  • CPP8983 *Attention*  A critical system processor problem has occurred.
  • CPP8984 *Attention*  A critical system main store memory problem has occurred
  • CPP8985 *Attention*  A critical system power problem has occurred.
  • CPP8986 *Attention*  A critical system hardware problem has occurred.
  • CPPEA60 *Attention*  Optimal environmental temperature exceeded.
  • CPAA401 Lost contact with NetWare server
  • CPA2C06 File &1 in library &2 member &3 cannot be saved. (C I)
  • CPA2C6A Object &4 is in use and cannot be shared. (C I R)
  • CPA2C6B You are not authorized to file &1 in library &2. (C I R)
  • CPA2103 All objects lost from library &1 (G).
  • CPA2129 Clearing or deleting system library &1. (I C)
  • CPA2107 Storage limit exceeded for user profile &2. (G)
  • CPA2601 Device &25 failed. Recovery ended. (C G R)
  • CPA2201 User profile &1 damaged. (G)
  • CPA3DDB Load another volume into device &4 (C G).

Monitoring Software benefits

  • Monitor for jobs that have stopped running while waiting for a reply to a message (MSGW)
  • Monitor for jobs running longer than normal
  • Monitor for JOBQ getting backed up with excessive number of jobs
  • Monitor for job completion
  • Monitor for any message such as “critical resource
  • Sends notifications to designated person instantaneously via email, text message or instant messaging
  • Provides real time, 24/7 monitoring of your system no matter where you are
  • Allowing you to find program bugs before your users do
  • be proactive instead of reactive, many times you can fix an issue before your users notice there was an issue
  • Attaching documents to email such as “How To” documents to solve problems
  • 100% Native IBM i, AS400, iSeries monitoring software
  • Very easy to setup and use