Export Data from IBM i, AS400 & iSeries to Excel, PDF & Others

Today’s office environment is weighed down with big data. Too much data printed and delivered manually. Many times the data is obsolete by the time the recipient receives the data. Bypassing the printing process and exporting your AS400 and iSeries reports directly to Excel file formats or PDFs enables paperless reporting for electronic distribution and archiving which not only reduces printing and distribution costs (including manual labor, postage and courier fees), but also delivers critical data to people anywhere almost instantly, in digital formats they can use immediately.

SpoolFlex is an easy to install easy to use AS400 / iSeries software that allows reports to be output directly to Excel spreadsheets PDF, CSV, TXT and more. The software is modular so you can build a paperless report solution to fit your unique requirements and budget.

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SpoolFlex Converts / Exports any AS400 Report to Excel, PDF and Other Formats.

Our SpoolFlex tool can also:

  • Convert Spooled Files to text searchable Files Excel, PDF, HTML, Word, CSV, TXT and more
  • Email directly from the IBM i or AS400 by using your existing company eMail Server (does not use IBM, SMTP, SNDMSG, MSF)
  • Email Single or multiple attachments to single or multiple recipients
  • Manage Spooled Files menu option has the look and feel of IBM’s WRKSPLF (Work Spool File)
  • For IBM OS 6.1 or later, convert spool files and eMail directly from the IBM WRKSPLF and WRKOUTQ screens

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Automate Report Conversion to PDF or Excel and Email with SpoolFlex Advanced Utilities:

  • Set Up Distribution Rules for Paperless Report Conversion to PDF or Excel and Delivery by Email and Archiving
  • Burst Reports Based on Spool Data values to Deliver Relevant Portions in Real Time
  • Pull Email Addresses from SpoolFlex Address Books, Spooled Page, or Customer Database File
  • Automate using the Built-in Job Scheduler, Data Queue, or Embed API’s in Your Programs
  • Set Up Automated Maintenance Routines to Archive Old Spooled Files and Delete from Your System

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Additional Modules for SpoolFlex:

  • Audit Trail 
    Lets You Review AS400 Data Extraction to Search, View and Resend Paperless Reports
  • Advanced Security Enables Encryption /Password Protection of PDF‘s and Locks Down Menus
  • ReportFlex Report Reformatter Allows You to Modify Spooled File Structure Without Programming

Installs on IBM i, iSeries or AS400

  • Flat Priced
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited Output Queues
  • Unlimited Monitoring
  • Modular architecture
  • Easy to install (Install and setup in less than 10 minutes)
  • Menu driven for Users
  • API’s for Programmers
  • Start outputting immediately after install and setup
  • ROI, pays for itself in months if not weeks
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee