Losing Sleep Over IBM i System Failures? Get 24/7 Monitoring.

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MessageFlex 2.0 We are excited to announce a major upgrade to MessageFlex, our system notification and monitoring software. We first introduced MessageFlex in 2009 as a tool for IT Managers to be notified 24/7 about any interruptions or malfunctions to their IBM i, iSeries, and AS/400.  It’s a “peace of mind” protocol that generates an immediate text message, email, or instant message if issues such as a program encounters an error, tape fails overnight or the power goes out, or some other disaster happens that impacts server processing.


We have made updates along the way with the help of our clients who have made insightful suggestions for how MessageFlex could expand.  For example:

  • Monitoring for character string within the Message text in addition to Specific Message Id
  • Allow attachment of a document when sending notification via email
  • Allow monitoring for a message severity value 

We thank our clients for valuable input and enthusiasm for MessageFlex and we are glad to let you know that we are getting ready to release a new version of MessageFlex that offers even more enhancements:

  • Monitor Number of jobs waiting in a Job Queue and set up timing parameters to ensure a malfunctioning process does not hold up other jobs from running
  • Monitor Subsystem for Active or Inactive to ensure subsystem is active or not
  • Monitor a specific job, make sure it is running or not running or running too long
  • Monitor System Resource, notify in case disk space is reaching capacity
  • Ability to Auto Answer messages


There are some other features that address smart customer requests such as: 

Third Party Vendor Notification. Some of our customers want to let third party vendors know when certain errors occur that originate from that vendor’s software. Good idea. We are going to preconfigure our software to have some common monitoring that will expedite the process of getting issues resolved involving outside vendors. 

Credit Card Processing and Online Banking Software. Once a customer calls in for technical support it has already become a revenue-losing issue that becomes magnified with each minute services are unavailable. MessageFlex helps critical processing areas stay up and running 24/7 by sending immediate alerts to key personnel.

Business Continuity. Added features in the upgrade further ensures business continuity by preemptively sending alerts of issues before they become a crisis. When business critical processing is disrupted because of a programming error, users submitting excessively long jobs, power outages, and other unanticipated events, then workflow is disrupted. We are excited to build on our MessageFlex solution that lets you know real-time when a problem occurs and in some cases when a problem may occur. The better night’s sleep you get knowing you will be notified of any issues, well, that part’s free

MessageFlex training:  We just recently finished a training session and have not yet scheduled the next one. But anyone who would like a personal one-on-one demonstration of the new features, send us an email at support@drvtech.com and we will be glad to accommodate you. We stand 100 percent behind our products and invite you to try our software for free.  Click here.


Please note, there may be a price increase coming for the MessageFlex software but we will offer a discount during the first 30 days of this major release.  We want to give time to those companies that are currently looking at the software to explore the enhancements before making a purchasing decision. Existing MessageFlex customers can upgrade their software for free by going to our web site customer zone and downloading version 5.7.2. starting Monday.



  1. Ken  February 28, 2017

    When can we expect “Auto Answer Messages” be available?

    • Richard Voss  February 28, 2017

      It is available in the current version of MessageFlex


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