DRV Technologies Releases SpoolFlex V4.2

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ATLANTA – November 1, 2008 – DRV Technologies, Inc., the developer of SpoolFlex, FormFlex,
ReportFlex, report and document management software, announces the release of SpoolFlex version 4.2. This version greatly improves the conversion to XLS and e-Mail processing.

SpoolFlex is an IBM System i host based application that allows organizations to reduce printed output from any System i application by transforming and distributing reports as pc-compatible files including Excel and PDF via e-mail, Fax or filing copies to network servers without any programming.

Many organizations are encountering increased demand to get data from their reports to end users without the cost and time involved with printed hardcopy, said Richard Voss, President of DRV Technologies. This release is a direct response to our existing customers telling us what they need and how they need it.

According to Voss, this new release will enable companies to get business critical data to end users almost instantly. Many companies are converting reports to CSV which can be opened up with Excel. However, they are finding that they need to spend additional time manually re-formatting the data, cutting and pasting, deleting, and highlighting important information before it is truly useful to them. Since we are creating XLS files and not CSV, we have already highlighted and massaged the spreadsheet, so that they can use it as soon as they get it.

SpoolFlex V4.2 added features include:
Completely new eMail module that includes the following features:

  • Configure e-Mail in one simple step
  • Eliminate the need for configuring IBM SMTP, MSF and Distribution Directory
  • Create unique meaningful names for attachments up to 128 characters
  • Specify any From Name and From eMail address on outgoing e-Mail
  • Specify multiple attachments
  • Specify multiple recipients including CC and BCC
  • Specify Read Receipt, Importance Level and Sensitivity Level

Conversion to XLS includes the following new features:

  • Freeze rows
  • Freeze Columns
  • Additional conditions for color highlighting rows based on spool data value
  • Additional conditions for color highlighting specific cells based on spooled data value
  • Specify Column Heading Font, Font Size and Alignment
  • Specify Detail Row Font, Font Size and Alignment
  • Specify Data Type per column
  • Specify Alignment (Justification) per column
  • Specify Font Name and size per column
  • Specify Column wrapping Yes/No per column
  • Specify Text and background colors per column
  • Specify Negative number color highlight per column

About DRV Technologies, Inc.

DRV Technologies, an IBM Business Partner, provides Report Distribution and Document Management solutions for the IBM System i enterprises. DRV Technologies’ solutions are installed around the globe in a variety of vertical markets such as banking, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, distribution and other financial service industries. DRV Technologies is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, with direct sales throughout North America. For more information, please visit www.drvtech.com , call 678 417-1521 or email info@drvtech.com.


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