AFP Print Driver

AFP Compatibility Issues

Having a tough time finding a compatible AFP Print Driver after upgrading Windows?

Concerned about IBM’s announcement that IBM i OS V7.2 is the last IBM OS that will support AFP?

Consider DRV FlexTools software to future-proof your iSeries or AS400 report and document management.

AFP Replacement

FormFlex replaces AFP overlays with state of the art electronic forms solution that merges data with electronic forms natively on your IBM system to print to inexpensive network laser printers, and PDF for seamless emailing and archiving. No expensive IPDS printers and it’s well supported.

Many companies have solutions in place set up by employees that no longer work there! Implementation requires no programming, so even if resources set it up and leave the organization, you have experts at DRV to call on if you need to make changes. Oh, and it’s well supported.

Looking for the easiest way to convert your AFP overlays to a well-supported forms solution? Ask about DRV’s Competitive Upgrade Program that provides substantial incentives and turnkey solutions to convert your AFP overlays to FormFlex for you to make the switch with minimal effort.

Replace InfoPrint for iSeries and AS400 Report Distribution

IBM has outsourced support for Infoprint, and users report that support and training have been limited, often relegated to third parties and blogs.

Count on the experts at DRV to provide a well-supported report distribution solution as a replacement: SpoolFlex. With Excel and PDF output, emailing and archiving, SpoolFlex is more versatile, with reliability you can count on.

Convert Spooled Files to Excel

Manually downloading and importing IBM spool files into Excel can be a headache, but SpoolFlex provides a reliable, standardized process for repeatable results, without a degree in programming.

Paperless Report Conversion with DRV’s SpoolFlex software formats spooled files into perfectly formatted true Excel spreadsheets for automated, repeatable results. Add color highlighting for better readability and personalize with company logo. Include or exclude columns or headings to eliminate the pain of manual formatting.

Convert Spooled Files to PDF

Manually scanning reports and documents is a thing of the past with Paperless Report Conversion. SpoolFlex lets you convert spool files to PDF easily without AFP and without programming, with dynamic naming, emailing and archiving without programming.

Automated Email Distribution

SpoolFlex Paperless Report Distribution automatically burst reports and emails to them to the people that need them, in the formats they want, in real time. Integrated archiving means reports can be stored digitally for easy searching, viewing and re-sending as needed.

Why Use Software for Paperless Report Distribution?

Many programmers could build a Paperless Report Distribution from scratch using IBM AFP utilities, but why bother investing the time and resources when the future of AFP is questionable? SpoolFlex is a well-supported upgrade that can pay itself in less than three months.