iSeries Forms Software

Whether you want to replace your pre-printed forms, replace AFP overlays or replace your current legacy iSeries Forms Software, FormFlex is the software for you! With FormFlex, you can print very professional looking forms on most standard laser printers, convert them to PDF, file for later easy retrieval or email them. FormFlex is 100% native iSeries Forms Software that is very easy to setup and use.

FormFlex Features & Benefits

  • Install and Setup in minutes
  • Replace the hassles and expense of AFP overlays and printers
  • Email forms as PDF files and archive for easy retrieval
  • Print to most any laser printer
  • No supplies contract
  • Legacy iSeries Forms Software credit
  • Import your current legacy electronic forms
  • Eliminate storage and handling of expensive pre-printed forms
  • Menu driven for users
  • APIs for programmers
  • Very intuitive and easy to use!

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