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Move to FormFlex with our ACOM Replacement Program,
which includes our automated ACOM conversion tool.

Many IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) customers, frustrated by their inability to receive the outcome they require from ACOM, have migrated to FormFlex to ensure business continuity and support for current IBM Operating System Versions.

Migrate from ACOM to FormFlex!

If you’re committed to getting the most value out of your IBM i and are unsatisfied with ACOM, DRV Tech offers migration tools that make the transition from ACOM to FormFlex simple, accurate, and cost effective.

With FormFlex, you can:

  • Modernize spool file documents including forms and checks
  • Extract spool data, remap it, and automate distribution
  • Receive world-class support and upgrade for free (on maintenance)

Supports latest IBM Operating System Versions V5R1 – V7.3

Not only are we fast to respond to our customers and changes in the market, but we never charge extra fees just to support a modern operating system. All FormFlex customers on maintenance have access to the latest version of FormFlex Software.

Compare that to ACOM.This flyer* on Acom’s website indicates that their existing EZDesigner/400 customers must pay additional fees to upgrade to their latest designer client: “Save with a substantial credit for your current 400 Designer software toward the purchase of ACOM’s new EZDesigner Pro”.

Automatically migrate from ACOM to FormFlex

Many ACOM customers have migrated to FormFlex because their business requirements either exceeded ACOM’s product capabilities or weren’t being met to their satisfaction.

We provide a tool for migrating ACOM customers to easily and automatically import existing ACOM forms and checks into FormFlex. We help you with the heavy lifting so that you can continue to focus on supporting your business.

New Features in FormFlex 6.4.4

FormFlex v6.4.4 includes a feature PDFDirect that improves user productivity and will enable more frequent future development. Read the FormFlex PDFDirect press release here.

New FormFlex Interface

The new interface is much easier for users to navigate, enabling them to more quickly create FormFlex document overlays. We designed the interface to make it intuitive for users who are familiar with the Microsoft Office product suite. Highlights include (click the following links to see screenshots):

  • Home tab: Commonly used editing buttons and commands.
  • View tab: Controls for windows and page view.
  • Main icon menu: Standard controls like save, new, open, document properties and IBM i-specific commands.

Updated Underlying Code Framework

We also upgraded the FormFlex design client to a significantly more modern code framework. This enables the development team to access newer and more sophisticated libraries and development features that they didn’t previously have access to. Because we can now provide more modern features much faster than we could before, FormFlex customers can expect more frequent improvements to the design client.

Web-Portal Integration

FormFlex’s new integration with Nexus Portal enables users to access their documents from a secure web portal on desktops and mobile devices. Nexus Portal is our full-featured IBM i-hosted web portal that gives users secure, organized access to enterprise information.
Read more about the integration here.

ReFormatter – Spool File Reformatting Module

FormFlex’s ReFormatter module was the industry’s first solution designed to enable users to completely reformat their existing spool files into condensed, easy-to-read and professional looking documents.

With ReFormatter, you can quickly modernize spool file layouts, remove blank spaces and lines, and concatenate text. A typical use-case might include shrinking a six-page month-end statement down to one or two pages, resulting in a document that’s easier to manage and read, and more cost effective to distribute.

Customers LOVE us

Because we treat every customer like a valued partner, our portfolio of over 10,000 clients rave about our products and support. Want proof? Read these glowing customer testimonials:


“I have almost 40 other software vendors that I deal with and DRV Tech tech support is second to none. DRV’s team is awesome! I have nothing but high praise for DRV Tech.”
-Kristi Kuker, Bunzl


 “FormFlex takes jobs that previously took hours to do and does them in seconds. That’s strength. FormFlex and ReFormatter are good options for anyone looking for a native IBM i forms output and management solution.”
-Jeff Peterson, Programmer, Coleman Cable
Read Coleman Cable Success Story


“DRV Tech products have now become second nature. Their solutions have been an integral part of our business operation for many years as we strive to provide the highest level of service to our customers”
–Bobby Sy, Director of IT, Citizen Watch
Read Citizen Watch Success Story


Other reasons to use FormFlex

Below is a list of FormFlex’s features and benefits. But if you’d really like to learn more or see a live demo, fill out the form on the right to contact us now. We’ll give you a ring to discuss how we can help migrate you to a modern, easy-to-use form, check and label solution that your users will LOVE.


  • Works with any ERP system that generates spool files, including SAP, Sage, Oracle, VAI
  • Requires no coding or development
  • Works out-of-the-box by using our pre-designed and mapped forms and checks for major applications
  • Integrates data from data files and further conditions, condenses and removes blank lines and pages using ReFormatter module
  • Pre-sorts spool files using designated criteria, making documents easier to review and distribute
  • Automatically manages document changes between connected clients and the IBM i


  • Quickly brand your customer facing documents
  • Automatically distribute and archive
  • Easily create and deliver forms in PDF format
  • Save money on pre-printed forms and printing supplies

Fill out the form on the right to learn more about our ACOM Replacement program!


*PDF file titled “Introducing EZDesigner Pro” sourced from http://www.acom.com/pdf/FLYER/FLYER_A_EZDESIGNER-PRO.pdf on August 24, 2015.
FormFlex trademark is owned by DRV Technologies, Inc.   |   ACOM, EZPrint/400, EZDesigner/400, EZDesigner Pro trademarks are owned by ACOM Solutions, Inc.


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