HAPPY LABOR DAY! 4 Business Links to Keep You Entertained

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Happy Labor Day to all the IT managers and engineers that make up our readership and customer base.

I want to say thank you for the hard work you do, much of it unsung, to keep the engine running day in and day out that runs critical business applications for your companies. We enjoy working with you to make sure the output of your IBM Power System engine runs just as smoothly and produces the kind of forms, checks, PDFs, and Excel documents that improve efficiency and communication internally and with your customers. 

Since the holiday weekend begins tomorrow, many of you may be heading out of town. Here are some articles I’ve been reading and a YouTube video that make for some interesting travel reading and watching. Please feel free to share links to content that you find interesting.


Here we go: 

16 Things You Should Do At The Start Of Every Work Day 

Found this on Forbes. Useful tips on how to structure your day. 

“Why IBM i?” Architectural Foundations 

This article in IBM Systems Magazine gives a breakdown of the structural characteristics of the IBM i and comes from one of the most respected individuals in the industry. This was published August of last year, but still a good read.

How Smart is Your Building?

Here is another article from IBM Systems Magazine about the constant challenge of creating a more sustainable IT environment, both for one’s social conscience and for reasons of maximizing efficiency and ROI. 

IBM Power Systems – Enabling Faster Insights 

This is a YouTube interview from IBM with several IT executives on the future of data analytics and the implications of these things on business.


Enjoy and safe travels if you are on the road.



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