Twas the Night Before Christmas and All Through IT….

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Techy Christmas BallTwas the night before Christmas and all through IT

No programmers were stirring, where could they be?

Who was watching green screens and logging errors?

Who was guarding Big Blue from cyber terrors?


Who was sending emails and coding with care?

How would reports get distributed over here, over there?

Suddenly, I remembered the software we purchased

To get more efficient and handle problems that surfaced


No need for us to draw straws as the “winner”

As the chosen employee to miss holiday dinner

Now AS400s and IBM i’s

Could stay by themselves watched by digital eyes!


So as midnight approached on 24 of December

All IT slept more soundly then they could ever remember

No need to say thanks, it’s part of our mission

To maximize output and serve corporate ambition


To all of our customers – long-term or in sight

Happy Holidays from DRV and to all a good night!


Please note our holiday hours below. If you have an emergency during those hours, we will be monitoring emails at

Dec 25th and 26th for Christmas  – closed

Jan 1st for New Years – closed



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