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IBM i, AS/400, IBM Power SystemThis week we are celebrating the birth of our blog nine months ago. Our goals for establishing this weekly communication with our customers and other IT professionals looking for IBM i software solutions were simple:

  • Talk about how to use software to maximize IBM i output
  • Provide solutions to help your company meet business goals by getting more efficient
  • Discuss industry trends in IT and how they affect your job
  • Celebrate a common fascination and respect for the AS/400, iSeries, and all the IBM i versions through the years  

Here are some highlights, by topic, of our discussions:


Before the AS/400 Roamed the Earth – Looking Back at Early IBM

5 Reasons to be Thankful for your AS/400 (or IBM i, iSeries, etc.)

What I Learned from a Front Row Seat at the Birth of the AS/400 

Using software to get more efficient and agile 

Why Software, Not Cloud, Should be Transformative IT Priority for AS/400 & IBM i

The Cost of Skipping Software Investments in IBM i Power Systems 

3 Keys to IBM Power System (AS/400) Agility

Prepare for IT in 2014 with Proactive Solutions for IBM Power Systems

3 Key Security Advantages of Laser Check Printing

13 Questions Worrying IT Managers About IBM Systems 

IT trends that affect your job 

IT News You Can Use – Security, New IBM offerings in the spotlight, plus IT Job Hopping

Who is Monitoring Your AS/400 Over the Holidays?

What’s on the mind of your CIO?

How Maximizing IBM i Output Can Help Save Your Computer Operator Job

Using Kanban Boards to Gain Workflow Efficiency with the IBM i 

Getting more out of IBM i output 

IBM i Forms Software in 2014. Faster and in Color.

4 Ways Database Software Tools Can Help You Create Attention-Getting Reports

Producing Affordable E-Statements on IBM Power Systems

IBM Power System Output has Come a Long Way since Green Bar Paper

DIY Software for the IBM i Rarely a Bargain

Maximizing Output from your IBM Power System 

Software is only as good as its customer support 

8 Critical Questions to Ask Your Software Provider about Customer Service

You Might Be Choosing the Wrong Software Provider if…

Just for fun! 

The 5 Days of Christmas for the IBM i 


Along the way, we have been receiving some great feedback.  Thanks for your emails and your support. Most of all thanks for inspiring us. Your input about additional functionality, your stories about the challenges you face – that’s what drives us whether we are programming software or communicating to you via this blog or through emails. Keep letting us know what you need and how we can serve you.


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