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round up titleGreat article on IT Jungle with 2014 predictions. Two in particular caught my eye.

#1 The Target Breach and the Security Fears it is Provoking

It’s still hard to wrap my mind around 70 MILLION CUSTOMERS that had their personal data leaked by Target. We had someone in our office that was probably one of the victims. Her debit card info was stolen over the holidays and interesting things like a burner phone in Texas and charges to a betting site started appearing. This is serious stuff on so many levels. It’s not just the consumer confidence of all the victims. It’s the confidence of everyone they tell.

The article makes a good point about the lowly state of IBM i security at most organizations.

“Cyber gangs have good technical knowledge of IBM i, so you cannot rely on “security through obscurity” in the least. The only recourse is to build multiple, redundant layers of security around your most valuable source of information–your IBM i server–and monitor the heck out of it,” says IT Jungle editor Alex Woodie.

Sound familiar? There are many areas to layer on security. As we often discuss, one of the most affordable choices is message monitoring software for the IBM i. Measure the investment of a few thousand dollars as compared to the potential financial and public relations fallout from stolen passwords or unauthorized users accessing sensitive areas.

#2 Why Midrange IBM i Users May Feel Indifferent About the New Power8 Processors

This may be a case of just because you can does not mean you should. Will the upgrade drive better business outcomes? It’s hard to see how it could be a major game changer. The current model has plenty of power. Software and application upgrades are more likely to have a beneficial result and with virtualization and access to SaaS to spin up new initiatives, there is less reliance on infrastructure.

We see the same kind of excess architecting with software. Paying more for a lot of bells and whistles you aren’t currently using and may never use is not only wasteful spending. It also adds complexity to software that brings an increased chance of bugs.

Will the new IBM eXFlash boost app performance?

As more companies reach out to digital customers through apps, performance is a key concern, particularly with apps that are data intensive. As customer expectations for a smooth online experience continues to rise, IBM’s eXFlash will reportedly provide an improved flash performance at a lower price point than other embedded flash solutions. Digital Marketing, analytics, and general VM and VDI hosting would benefit from eXFlash capabilities. Read more in this Forrester blog.

Planning to Trade Your IT Job for Another? You’re Not Alone.

A survey by Career Builder/ says 25% of IT pros plan to make a move. The survey says the motivation is not just about more money. Workplace culture, access to affordable benefits, and location are 3 other drivers. Check out the full article on

MessageFlex monitoring software gives you the realtime intelligence you need to maximize and protect your IBM i servers. It’s a peace-of-mind protocol that stays on the job even when your staff is at home. Try it for free here.


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