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ReportFlex: A New Product For Re-formatting Spooled File Reports

ReportFlex gives organizations the power to manipulate spooled output without any programming

ATLANTA, GA – November 26, 2007 – DRV Technologies, Inc., developers of SpoolFlex and
FormFlex report and document management software, today announced the release of ReportFlex, a
report re-formatter, allowing organizations to transform the layout and content of spooled output from legacy applications without programming. ReportFlex is a stand-alone module for manipulating spooled file output from IBM’s System i (i5, iSeries, AS/400). The new product provides a more coherent layout that’s easier to read and convert into industry-standard electronic formats like Microsoft® Excel and PDF.

Organizations using the System i (i5, iSeries, AS/400) systems have encountered an overcrowding effect on their printed reports over the years, as more and more information is packed into the limited size of the printed page. The overcrowding results in line wrapping, overlapping, obscure abbreviations, and clustered mixing of report formats, all in an effort to get the data needed to make intelligent business decisions.

“Many organizations have been forced to live with the rigid output of their legacy systems,” said Richard Voss, CEO of DRV Technologies. “With ReportFlex, those organizations now have the ability to assemble their System i (i5, iSeries, AS/400) reports in any format they choose, including the masking of certain data, making reading, converting, merging, and distributing reports so much easier. Combine ReportFlex with DRV’s SpoolFlex report conversion software and you have a powerful conversion package to automatically convert virtually any spooled file into Microsoft Excel, and deliver by email or push to network servers for online access, without user intervention.”

ReportFlex gives organizations the flexibility to move lines or fields; find and replace functionality for improved readability; perform calculations on spooled data (placing new value back on the page); remove unnecessary data; adding additional data; insert page breaks for easier distribution; repeat values, a must-have feature for sorting after converting reports to Excel and much more.

Pricing and Availability

Initial pricing for this product is between $995 – $2,995 depending on modules purchased.
Version 1.0 is available immediately More information can be found at www.drvtech.com/reportflex.html

About DRV Technologies, Inc.

DRV Technologies, an IBM Business Partner, provides Spool Management solutions for the System i (i5, iSeries, AS/400) enterprise. DRV Technologies’ solutions are installed around the globe in a variety of vertical markets such as banking, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, distribution and others. DRV Technologies is headquartered in Duluth, Georgia, with direct sales throughout North America. For more information, please visit www.drvtech.com.


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