4 Ways Database Software Tools Can Help You Create Attention-Getting Reports

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describe the imageYour IBM Power System database is a goldmine of information. But sometimes getting at that precious information is like trying to mine gold with a spoon. Database query tools can cut through the rock with laser like precision to extract every bit of data you need to create reports that are chock full of the insights and statistics your organization needs to stay competitive.

1. Access multiple database files

Reports are only as good as the data in them. Query tools provide the means to access multiple databases to pull together the information you need for key marketing, sales, and finance reports.  You have the ability to specify records and field selection, add calculations, and pull the data into one file.

2. Choose a format

What is the best way to present information? It depends on the type of data and the end user. With database query tools, you can choose to format the information into a PDF report, an excel file, or a CSV output. CSV stands for Comma Separated File; meaning there is a comma between each field. CSV files can be imported into other applications such as excel. They also may be required when sending data to a vendor for processing. IBM has a tool for creating a CSV file but it does not have the flexibility and features of our software, nor is it as user friendly. For example, IBM’s tool may strip off leading zeros when these leading zeros are needed.

3. Automation

Some database query tools allow users to set sentries that automatically access multiple databases where data is stored, and format into a report on specified days/times. Automation increases efficiency and ensures reports are generated on a timely basis.

4. Distribution

Companies can eliminate costly print jobs with the email distribution capabilities of database query software. It is a simple process to access email addresses from email address books, as well as customer database files, to put together a distribution list. For internal reports, our software emails a PDF or excel spreadsheet to the list allowing the end receiver to choose whether to view on their computer or print. This paper-saving step saves thousands of dollars in unnecessary print jobs.

One of our customers who is a bank vice president saw the value in our software but thought his users would demand to continue getting their data as printed reports. However, once the software was implemented he was surprised that everyone loved receiving their data as PDF files. He has unplugged his main printers and now only uses small desktop printers when printing is required. The paper and printer cost savings amounted to thousands of dollars per year.

One other important note – no programming is required to administer well designed database query software. This is of key importance to many companies that do not have a deep IT staff.


Here is what a customer had to say about our database query tool DBX.

“The solution is just what we were looking for. It actually does more than we were expecting. A sales report is run. The output gets split up by salespeople and routed where they’ve requested, in the format they’ve requested. Sales are up, costs are down and everyone is happy.



Our software is easy to implement, supported by outstanding customer service in our Atlanta offices, and backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Find out yourself how DBX software can make you the master of database report generation. Get a free trial now.



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