Welcome to the new DRV Tech Blog

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Welcome to the DRV Tech blog – our new forum for sharing insights, news and best practices to help IT Managers maximize the output  from IBM i, iSeries and AS/400 servers.  Taking control of your Power System with report automation and document management tools creates efficiencies and cost savings and helps you be prepared for data requests from departments like Accounting, Sales, Marketing, and Human Resources. 

We also want the DRV Tech blog to be a connection point between users of our software. We invite you to share best practices and “in the trenches” wisdom.  We work with IT programmers, managers, and executives everyday and know that the speed and quantity of data coming in and out of your company has exploded over the last several years.  Companies that know how to leverage this data have a competitive advantage.

There are other technology topics of interest that impact IT departments.  We will talk about them too. On my end, I’ll be sharing my unique perspective from years working as a programmer, IT manager, and founder and CEO of several IT ventures.   The emphasis will be on news you can use to keep you on the leading edge of IT technologies and helps you do more with less resources.  

We invite you to share your stories, ideas, and comments.  Some of our best ideas come from our customers who pass along uses for our software that were not in the specs.  So please sign up to receive our posts – either by email or by RSS, and share this link with your colleagues. You can also follow us on Twitter.

I look forward to starting this conversation.

Richard and the DRV Tech Team