Convert and Distribute AS400 Reports

AS400 Reports Distribution video

SpoolFlex easily bursts, converts and distributes any AS400 spool file report. Reports and spool files can be distributed in many popular formats such as PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV, RTF or TXT without programming. Reports and spool files can easily be distributed to email inbox, printer or posted to file server for easy retrieval. SpoolFlex distribution software ensures quick delivery of important business information in formats preferred by recipient . Turn over the task of spool file and report distribution to our SpoolFlex software freeing up time for your employees to do more important tasks. Software is native AS400 software and fully automated.

SpoolFlex Features – AS400 Reports Distribution

  • Install and Setup in minutes
  • Distribute reports in PDF or Excel, TXT, CSV formats
  • Distribute reports directly to file server
  • Dynamic email address retrieval
  • Archive copies of all reports emailed for easy access
  • Fully automate bursting, converting and distributing.
  • Process and distribute reports 24/7
  • Use spool data to retrieve eMail address of recipient from address book
  • Immediate delivery of business critical information
  • Software is native AS400 software
  • Menu Driven for Users
  • APIs for programmers
  • Very intuitive and easy to use!

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