Software for IBM i/AS400 Helps Keep Manufacturers Up and Running

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AS/400,IBM i, Message MonitoringManufacturers have a challenge that is a drumbeat 24/7 – get materials in, send goods out. The ability to keep operations flowing smoothly is a key to profitability, especially in models where margins are small and volume is the big driver of revenue.

Even small glitches on your AS/400 or IBM i can create costly delays. Here are 2 areas where a small investment of software for your IBM power server can save the day.

Error Messages

If the power goes out or poorly programmed reports slow down processing, you need to know immediately. Manufacturing depends on intel about supplies, weekly sales reports, and projected forecasts. Message monitoring provides an extra set of eyes to monitor key error messages. This is especially critical on evenings and weekends when there is often less IT personnel on site to be monitoring screens.

You decide which error messages are the most critical for your business and you can set sentries to watch for them. If an error message is detected, it prompts an email and text to be sent to the designated employee.  You can even program a “How-to” document that provides detailed instructions on how to address the issue. If the error message is related to an outside vendor, you can program the vendor to be alerted so that they can send someone quickly on site.

Order Confirmations and Advance Shipment Notification

Getting goods out the door, tracking the shipments, and staying in touch with customers is critical to cash flow. Spool file software allows users to easily convert data on their AS400 or IBM i from green paper reports to user-friendly formats that customers like, including PDF, Excel, Word, HTML, TXT, XML, and CVS. Spool file software can save time and money because it can be programmed to process reports automatically without having to dedicate costly IT personnel hours to manage the task.

Additional benefits include:

  • Once reports/notices are processed, they can be programmed for distribution via email or fax, saving significant amounts of money in printing supplies and labor. Print jobs can also be automated.
  • If you want to track reports or notices, spool software allows you to quickly search, view, and resend, if necessary.
  • PDF output can be encrypted to meet compliance or security standards and notices, order confirmations, and other data can be stored for reference and audit.

Prior to using our spool file software SpoolFlex, one of our manufacturing clients was challenged with getting out a high volume of order and shipment data in an inefficient and manual process that could take an hour, half a day, or 2 days if there were any problems to solve. Spool file software gave them a reliable tool that allowed them to shift the time IT personnel had to spend on this recurring task to other projects.

See our spool file case study on Selkirk, a world-leading manufacturer of registers, grilles, diffusers, and chimney and gas venting product lines.

Manufacturing revenue depends on a reliable process to keep materials and goods moving efficiently through the warehouse. Error Message monitoring and spool file software for your AS/400 and IBM i provide automation, efficiency, and safeguards to keep manufacturing processes running smoothly and on schedule.


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