Here are some pictures.


This shows the 2 wire sensor by the thermostat
I think this should be moved to the block on the
driver side when I remove the single wire sensor from the block










This shows the single wire sensor that goes into the driver side head

This is the wire I have nothing to attach it to










This is just a picture of the wiring harness where several other wires branch off
Note: There is no single wire that would go to the head sensor in picture above









Question: You see this two wire with a round connector, has 2 green wires going to it
I would like to know what that is supposed to connect to.
(But that may be another post)










This is a different truck that I saw at the boneyard
This has a single green wire with a connector that attached
to the single wire sensor going into the head

This is the wire I do not have











These next 2 pictures show the single wire connector that is attached to the sensor in the head

I Have nothing to connect this to









This pic goes with pic above









My S10 4X4 with 4.3 Did have the engine replaced a while ago.
So the engine could be from an older truck and the sensor in the head was not ever removed when putting it into my truck.

I am going to take the gauge cluster out and see if it is the gauge that is broken.

Does it make a difference if the 2 wire sensor is in the thermostat area or in the head?

Can just the gauge be replaced/fixed or do I have to replace the whole cluster and deal with the odometer not matching the ECM
(It may not be matching now if it was not reset when the engine was replaced)