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DRV Technologies Adds PDF417 Barcode to Forms Software

Atlanta, GA June 14, 2011 – DRV Technologies, Inc., the developer of FormFlex electronic form software and MICR laser check software for the IBM Power Systems (IBM i, System i, iSeries, AS/400), has announced the addition of several new types of barcodes, including PDF417, to the list of those supported in the FormFlex software. The barcodes will allow companies to meet the demands of vendors as well as requirements from federal agencies, such as Homeland Security, according to the company.

FormFlex is an IBM Power Systems host-based application that allows organizations to reduce costs by replacing expensive pre-printed forms and checks with electronic versions. The software prints the form and data in a single pass with logos and barcodes on inexpensive network laser printers.

PDF417 is the standard selected by the Department of Homeland Security as the machine readable zone technology for RealID compliant driver licenses and state issued identification cards. PDF stands for portable data file. In addition, PDF417 is required when printing some labels such as FedEx shipping labels. PDF417 is also selected by the airline industry’s Bar Coded Boarding Pass standard (BCBP) as the 2D bar code symbolism for paper boarding passes. More and more companies are required to print some type of barcodes on their documents for identification or tracking purposes, according to Richard Voss, president of DRV Technologies. The method DRV has developed to generate the PDF417 barcode bypasses the use of any fonts, thereby eliminating any issues when converting electronic forms to PDF files, or printing to different printers within the organization.

According to Voss, these new barcodes not only meet federal requirements for certain printed documents but they are also carried forward into any PDF version of the same documents without the need for special barcode fonts. If the archived PDF document needs to be reprinted, the barcodes will print and are readable by barcode scanners just as the original was. These new barcodes are included in the company’s FormFlex base product which allows printing documents such as invoices and statements (with barcodes) directly from existing output from IBM Power Systems. This gives companies the ability to easily add barcodes to any documents without making changes to their existing ERP application and allows them to use inexpensive desktop laser printers.

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