IBM i System Resource, Job, Message Monitoring & Notification Software

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    MessageFlex monitors any Power System IBM I system Resources, Jobs, Job Queues, program messages and more. Automatically sends alert notifications via email, text message or to another message queue. It provides proactive system management to avert disaster before it happens. MessageFlex can even send an attachment with instructions for problem resolution. Try MessageFlex on your system today.

    MessageFlex Features & Benefits

    • Install and Setup in 15 minutes
    • Monitor for any message ID, message text, message type or message severity in real time
    • Monitor if Job is active, not active or running too long
    • Monitor if Subsytem is active or not active
    • Monitor System Resources such as disk space usage
    • Maintain real time control over your entire system around the clock
    • Immediate message notification sent by email, text message or forward to another message queue
    • Prevent disaster scenarios by escalating response to critical messages in order to address issues before they become operational problems
    • Early notifications of pending issues such as failed tape drive, failed disk drive, or CPF0907 (Serious storage condition may exist)
    • Software is native IBM Power System IBM i Software
    • Very intuitive and easy to use!


    Message Monitoring and Alert Notification