IBM i Database Query Tools Create Better Reports, Less System Stress

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The heart of why you need a database query tool for your AS400 or other IBM model is efficiency. When you query a database, it sets into motion a series of steps that can quickly spit out the information you are seeking, or slow down the system because you have created a query that returns too many records.

Database query software helps to keep your IBM power server from getting clogged up with inefficient requests that use up resources and potentially slow down other system functions. Once the data has been pulled, the software can pull it into familiar formats for reporting purposes, and even automatically distribute the reports.

Our clients tell us that there is an increasing demand on IT for regular updates of key marketing and sales data and financial reports. Database query software helps IT meet this demand without stressing out the system.

  • Easily pulls data from multiple databases
  • Gets the data into PDF or Excel and other user friendly report formats
  • Accesses email database information to distribute the reports
  • Automates the process by allowing you to pre-program reports to be created and distributed or printed

IT Infrastructure preservation

Replacing systems or adding to IT Infrastructure is expensive. Tools like database query software help reduce wear and tear on your systems by making queries more efficient and freeing up resources to work on other projects.

IT staff preservation

Data is king these days, and IT is in the hot seat to deliver it on-time and in useable formats. The automation feature on database query software can save hundreds of man hours a year by scheduling reports in advance. Many of our clients are so pleased with the email distribution feature that they have cut down significantly on printed reports. This saves money, saves trees, and saves manpower for more critical IT tasks.

How to evaluate Database Query Tools

This is a question many companies have when they are searching for IBM i software solutions. We have put together an e-guide that outlines what you need to know when searching for a database query tool for your AS400 or other model IBM power server. Check it out! 



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SLOW is the enemy of our data-driven business world. See for yourself what great a great database query tool for your IBM i can do for your company!