Best AS400 Forms Software for Logistics Companies

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IBM i AS400 Forms SoftwareOne of the perks of running a software company is the window we get into the IT challenges faced by a wide range of customers. It’s fascinating, and impressive, too. Our clients often need to do the IT equivalent of chewing gum and hopping on one foot at the same time.

Take logistics companies. They typically have a huge client base that requires laser sharp control of invoicing. One of our clients needed to generate and distribute 15,000 individual invoices a month. It’s a big challenge to organize and execute and it is an evergreen task that constantly needs pruning. We are happy to have helped them manage and automate this process and save them a substantial amount of money, that they estimate at $750,000 a year. In the process we earned this quote: “With the kind of volume we process it’s critical to be bug-free. I wish every application we’ve purchased was this good.”

Here is a link if you would like to read more about our case study on IBM i, iSeries, AS400 forms software with Americold, the global leader in temperature-controlled warehousing and logistics to the food industry.

While invoicing for logistics companies can be an IT time-suck and frustrating recurring task, the good news is that it can be easily simplified with forms software for your IBM power system. AS400 Forms software (IBM i, iSeries) allows you to create customized invoicing forms and then automate the distribution process for both email and print. Benefits include:

  • Information storage and archiving: Create custom lists to store distribution information including email addresses, fax numbers to access routing information, and physical addresses.
  • Efficient processing: Can be done in batches that are pre-programmed and with no need for user input after initial programming. 
  • Automate the distribution process without custom programming.
  • Online faxing without the need for an additional phone line or extra hardware. 
  • Easily retrieve database fields to add to the form, such as addresses for laser printed labels.
  • Recover emailed, faxed, or archived forms for audit purposes or to resend to a customer or supplier.

DIY custom invoice programming is tempting, but potentially hazardous 

AS400 Forms software (also called IBM i Forms Software or iSeries Forms Software) is an area where the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) bug can bite programmers. Can it be done? Sure. But there are pitfalls.

  • It’s custom programming that won’t migrate in upgrades without further interaction, whereas vendor software does this for you.

What happens if the programmer leaves the company?  Vendor software is supported 24/7 by experienced specialists. At least it SHOULD be. That’s how we do it from our Atlanta offices but unfortunately that is not always the case. But that’s another story. Here’s what you should expect from software support.

  • It always takes longer than you think and time is money. Forms software is a very affordable investment that can pay for itself within months.

Logistics companies like the client we referenced earlier often have multiple locations and complicated billing, in addition to the sheer volume of invoices that have to leave the company each month. Forms software can manage and automate the critical customer invoicing data on your AS400, iSeries, IBM i, cutting IT labor dollars, print expenditures, and providing a reliable and replicable process.


To try our AS400 Forms Software for free and see for yourself how it can bring efficiency and automation to your invoicing process, Click Here.



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