Automated IBM System Monitoring and Notification Software

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    MessageFlex provides automated IBM i, iSeries and AS/400 system monitoring and notification to increase productivity, reliability, and ensure smooth operations. The IBM System does a great job telling you how the system is performing if someone is monitoring it, but how can the system alert you if you are not at a console? MessageFlex never sleeps, doesn’t take vacations, and keeps a lookout for you 24 hours a day!

    MessageFlex Features & Benefits


    • Easy Install and configure in 15 minutes
    • Monitor any Message Queues around the clock
    • Immediate notification by email and/or text message
    • Instant notification to individuals or groups
    • View and answer messages via mobile app
    • Monitor messages, jobs, subsystems and system resources
    • Identify backups that did not complete, programs that are running too long

    • Automated 24/7/365 System management
    • Identify and fix issues before they become problems for improved uptime
    • Reduce user calls for delayed jobs due to Message Wait issues
    • Ensure backups complete for consistent disaster recovery practices
    • Do more with less resources
    • Become proactive instead of reactive to system issues

    Message Monitoring and Alert Notification