5 Reasons AS400 Spool File Software helps Accounting Departments Stay Agile

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You’ve heard of the saying “The buck stops here”. It is usually used in situations where top brass takes responsibilities for a snafu. Speaking of snafus, do you know the origin of that phrase? It’s actually an acronym used in the military and despite the bad language, it describes to a “T” how things can go awry on an average day.

Back to “The buck stops here”. For accounting departments, that phrase is not a positive affirmation of responsibility. There is no “stopping” for financial tracking. Accounting of “bucks” in and out of an enterprise needs to flow like a river, swiftly and surely, so that companies know at a glance where they stand. 

That’s where spool file software can make a critical difference in getting crucial information into reports fast and formatted. Here’s how: 

  1. Accountants excel at Excel. Information that can’t be easily formatted into this preferred format costs time, money, and aggravation. Green bar paper reports do not synch up to the Excel foundation of how accounting departments track money in and out of the company by vendor, employees, customers, etc. Spool file software provides the tool to convert financial data into Excel reports, as well as PDFs, HTML, or Word.
  2. Requests for accounting information within a company can be extremely granular, such as for a particular vendor only. Or it can be a big picture request to see accounting data across multiple channels. Spool file software has great flexibility to burst data into separate reports or combine multiple reports into one report.
  3. Most industries have reporting requirements that must be completed in order to stay compliant with either legal or organizational criteria. Spool file software allows Excel and PDF reports to be easily created from the core data stored on your AS400.
  4. Report distribution can also be a challenge for accounting departments. Spool file software allows users to automate the process so that daily, weekly, monthly reports can be pre-programmed in advance. This distribution flexibility applies to both emailed and printed reports.
  5. Accountants should not have to be advanced computer operators to create reports. With spool file software, user-friendly prompts make it easy to create and replicate reports with no programming experience necessary. 

Accounting departments have much in common with IT departments. They are not customer-facing areas that get as much time in the spotlight. But the work both areas do keep the wheels turning is vital to the health and daily operations of the companies they serve. Using software tools like our SpoolFlex solution puts oil on those wheels so that they can turn smoothly 24/7. 

Want to see our Spool file solution in action? Check out a case study on how SpoolFlex helped this large multi-venue casino operation simplify its financial reporting and reduce stress for its accounting department.

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