4th of July BBQ Recipes from your IBM i and Watson

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IBM watson, IBM i, AS400The 4th of July holiday creates great memories for most Americans – flags waving in the wind, gatherings of friends and family, barbecue on a smoking grill, steamy hot weather, parades, fireworks.

If you haven’t settled yet on what to cook, IBM’s Watson may (or may not) have the perfect answer. IBM challenged the brainy computer software to create a super secret barbecue sauce.

It’s not actually so secret. You can down it here. 

The recipe is called Bengali Butternut BBQ Sauce. It has butternut squash, white wine, dates, Thai chiles, and other stuff. If someone has the courage to serve butternut squash barbecue sauce on 4th of July, we want to hear about it. To be fair, some bloggers that received a bottle to test say it’s quite good. 

If the gourmet sauce hasn’t scared you off, Watson has come up with a bunch of other 4th of July recipes. You can find them on the Bon Appetit website. Even if you are not interested in getting the recipes, the process of how Watson comes up with new ideas is interesting. 

We hope you enjoyed this quick byte of information (couldn’t resist). To our clients, we know that you have the freedom to choose any software provider to help maximize output of your IBM i/AS400, and we appreciate your business. We wish everyone, new clients, long-term clients, future ones…a safe and happy holiday. 

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