4 Ways Message Monitoring Software Can Help Avert IBM i Disasters

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In all my years of working at large corporations and owning my own companies, I have never seen an IT disaster provoke someone to jump up and say “Let ME be the bearer of the bad news.” Nobody wants that job. 

But we IT folks are practical in nature so we just step up and clean it up, patch it, eventually fix it, and make it work. Not all disasters are preventable. But some of them are and some of them can be greatly mitigated by getting an early heads-up that something is wrong. 

Here are 4 ways message monitoring software can help avert potential disasters to the valuable output on your IBM power server. 

1) Outside Forces 

It doesn’t have to be a hurricane that cuts your power or floods your office or data center. A power surge or a broken pipe can cause just as much damage. And that damage is magnified if you do not have an early warning system. Message monitoring software sends an email or text to alert you immediately that power has been cut, allowing you to pivot quickly to your disaster recovery plan. 

2) Inside Personnel 

As summer winds down, so do extended family vacations, which often leave IT staff short-handed. But it’s not just summer that that causes companies to have thin IT resources. Many offices can’t afford 24 hour and weekend IT staff to monitor infrastructure. Message monitoring software provides that extra pair of eyes on key error messages that let’s you sleep knowing that you will get immediate notification for any issues that need your attention. 

3) Security

Data breaches dominate the news on a routine basis now, as hackers get ever more sophisticated and determined to get at credit card information. Message monitoring will give you a heads-up on unusual password activity. 

4) Equipment and Input Failures 

Your company relies on the goldmine of data that lives on your IBM i. 

  • Account receivables and payables
  • Sales data
  • Client data
  • Key marketing and operations reports 

That’s just a small fraction of what is at stake. So what happens if a server reaches capacity or a back-up tape runs out? What if your batch of sales reports was incorrectly input and has caused multiple printed and/or emailed reports to be backed up? If it happens over a weekend that can mean days of delays. Message monitoring software tells you there is an issue by noting the error message and notifying you immediately. 

The cost of doing nothing 

Error Message monitoring is very affordable for companies of all sizes. What is less affordable is paying for disasters that could have been averted. We built our MessageFlex solution like we build all of our software – by listening closely to what clients prioritize as their greatest needs and challenges and delivering a seamless user-friendly software that is easily installed and supported from our Atlanta offices. As you prioritize your 2015 technology spend, consider the consequences of being in the dark about what is happening on a daily basis with your IBM power servers. 


Our clients from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, across multiple industries, get a good night’s sleep knowing our MessageFlex solution is on the job.

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