3 IBM i Operator Skills Businesses are Looking for in New Hires

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describe the imageWhether you are thinking of changing jobs or just want to make sure you are keeping abreast of industry trends, it pays to know what skills are the most prized by businesses and recruiters. 

IBM i, iSeries, AS400 

Whatever you want to call it, there are 3 key skill areas computer operators or system administers should be proficient in to manage IBM Power Systems. 

#1 Technical Skills 

Computer operators need to be able to provide hands-on support for system maintenance and operations. That means being able to configure and troubleshoot any software and hardware enhancements, handle changes to infrastructure, and new application deployments. 

Companies want to hire system administrators who will keep a sharp eye on system activity and ensure everything is operating at optimal performance 

#2 Strategic Skills

Companies want to know that you can proactively work on disaster recovery plans, security threats, and are preparing for any changes in capacity. Can you help your organization prepare for a migration to the cloud down the road? In my opinion, cloud is overrated as an option for small and midsize businesses, but it is the direction some businesses are moving. On the other hand, how up-to-date are you on software solutions for IBM power systems? As we’ve written previously, IBM power systems are so stable that software that is 10 years old can still run, but should it? Has it had the critical updates to meet the current needs of businesses? 

#3 Business Savvy 

The traditional wall between IT and Business has been taken down because IT is so integrated in all business decisions. So how up-to-date are you on general IT trends, and trends in your industry? So much critical data resides on IBM power servers and system administrators have to know how to maximize output. Companies rely on IT to proactively research the best way to deliver key reports. 

There is a money factor here too that cannot be overlooked. Massive print jobs cost a lot of money. Software technology advances have made it easy to create and format reports in PDF, Excel, and other formats and automate distribution via email. 

So whether you are just testing the waters or actively searching for an IBM i systems administrator position, getting a new job or keeping your old one means understanding what companies look for in their IT staff.


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